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Business Success Laser Coaching:

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Business Success Laser Coaching - Karen Grill

I know how hard it is to run your business, learn new software and tools, market yourself, serve your clients, and more...

That's why I created this unique coaching program.

Never be stuck again.

Schedule a call - we'll talk, I'll give you some work to do to move your business forward.

All for less than $84/month

Here's How It Works

  • This coaching offer is for one-on-one coaching with me. We meet by video or phone and agree on homework to move you forward.

  • You can schedule as many 15 minute laser coaching sessions as you wish over the next year, but you must complete your homework before scheduling your next session. You can also reach out via email if you need help with your homework.

  • If during our first (45-minute) session, either of us feels this is not a fit, you will be refunded your money and the coaching agreement ended.

About Me

Karen Grill

Hi! I'm Karen.

I started my first online business over 14 years ago. I made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot. I'm now able to help my clients build thriving online businesses.

Having the right advice and support can put your business on the fast track to success.

This program gives you the best of both worlds - it doesn't take up much time, but you still have a business coach on speed-dial for advice.

Still can't decide?

See what my clients say about me...

Stephanie F.

Karen is clearly dedicated to her work in helping clients succeed in their businesses. She really cares about her clients and that shows by the amount of time, energy and positive feedback she gives.

Sarah M.

OMG I highly, highly recommend that you work with Karen. She took my creative, spreadsheet-averse mind, and helped me develop a system that actually EXCITES me!